Redirecting a domain name to Bubble

I can imagine that prior to learning about Bubble many people will have already acquired a domain name and become rather set in their ways regarding its use. For example, your email may most likely be tied to this domain. Any additional services and platforms you already have built most likely also use the same domain.

With these considerations in mind it may become impossible to just simply point a at Bubble as this will bring all your other services crashing down.

So what do people do to keep other things like email and services up and running when changing the domain name IS NOT an option?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.


Hi @Dog-Tag,

Usually people use subdomains for that kind of use cases.

For instance, you might want to host a landing page explaining your business value with a solution like Webflow pointing at And then build and host your application on Bubble pointing at or or any other sub domain you can imagine. This way you doesn’t break anything you’ve already set up.



Thanks @arthur.kieffer

That sounds smart! It also allows you to use a single domain as a ‘hub’ for other products & services, while experimenting with exploratory technologies residing elsewhere on the world wide web.



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