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Redirecting to a certain view state of a different page

Hi all,

Hope someone could help me with this tricky issue.

I am building a single-page app in order to convert my web app to a native, so I tried to put all pages in different views in a single page and switch from one view to another using custom states. As a result, in the index page, I have 9 different views.

But, I came across a problem with a Video chat view that does not work as I designed so I decided to make it a separate page and as a consequence, 2 more views had to be separated from index page. And finally I ended up having 4 pages in total.

The problem I am facing is slidemenu. Between the 4 separate pages, navigating is not a problem by using Go to. But, how can I make it possible to navigate from a page (not Index) to a specific view in the index page as I cannot use the custom state set in the index page?

Thank you.

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