Reference a custom state from a reusable element

I have a repeating group (RG shown in green) that uses a reusable element (RE shown in brown) as the element repeating within the RG. A part of the RE has a group within it (shown in black).
The RE has a custom state which is triggered when that group is clicked/pressed.

I want to refer to the custom state within the purple group. How do I reference a custom state outside of the page where it’s created. It’s not really outside the page as the reusable element is on the page itself.

potential solution:
a solution is not to use the RE. This way Everything is on the same page and the custom state is on the same page as the purple group. I’m looking for another way where I can keep the RE.

Please help:)

Hey, Checkout the plugin Environment Variables (bdk), it is a paid plugin but it will work for your use case.