Reference html element value (value is Java script result from external site)

Hello everyone,
I am currently working with a open banking widget that requires me to run custom html/javascript code to create the widget. The widget runs fine and allows users to securely sync their bank. After this, it returns a temporary code, of which I would now use in the API to get access to the customer bank data.

Now, I can only manually copy the returned code in frontend before I can use it with the API.
I am looking for a way to extract the value of this result (that is, the temporary code) in someplace in bubble (maybe as a thing in database). This will make it easy for to automatically retrive the temporary code when I need it in the API.

Please help.

My question again in simple terms: How can I send the result of a javascript request (done inside html element) to my bubble data base for easy access?

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