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Reference Number: Integers with fixed number of Digits


I would like to generate forms reference with a fixed number of digits. For Example, for Holiday Requests I Want the generated reference:

where HR- is a prefix, YY is the current Year and NNN is a running number within the year.
I store the NNN as a separate field, but as integer it will only store is as 1,2,3. That is ok, but I would like a way to “format as” 001, 002, 003 when I generate the reference.
It would be nice to have a way to create new formats of “format as…” for numbers, text and also telephone numbers (outside US).

Any idea on how to solve it in a simple way (without maybe implement fake decimals and trunk them…that is my plan B)?

Thanks in advance.


If the integer’s character length is 1, append to text HR-YY00; if the integer’s character length is 2, append to text HR-YY0; and so on.

In a workflow?

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