Refine responsiveness for a e-commerce store


I have an e-commerce store that I have built in Bubble. I have taught myself everything on the fly to build this store. I have tried my best to make it responsive (making everything be able to fit properly on the 375px mobile screen.

The problem I am having is mostly just how the text is wrapping and the margins around elements.

Due to all the work, I have put into this already this shouldn’t be a massive job to someone who fully understands the responsive engine in Bubble. I just do not have the time to figure it out fully.

The store is live so you can see the responsive issues for yourself and let me know your thoughts.

Its all about groups. Put everything which you want to have the same size in a group with the same settings next to each other. You can then calculate if you set a minimum width at what page width one of the groups would go to the next line and so on…I hope that helps a little bit.

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