Refreshing text after editing the elimement

When I click on the record in thr pop-up another pop up opens that contains for info on that record. On that pop up, I have a button to open the EDIT pop-up. Once I edit data and hit save, I would like data on the first pop up to be updated.

I tried using Display group action, but it’s not working. Any tips how to make it work?

If data changes in the database, it should automatically change on any pages it’s displayed on, without requiring any page refresh or other actions…

Are you saying that’s not happening?

Video is worth a million words: Vidyard Recording

What’s the datasource of the RG?

And specifically what’s the datasource of the quantity text element inside the RG?

Also, where are the changes being made (in an on-page workflow, or in a backend workflow?)

Data source for RG is Google Sheets API and quantity field is from that API.
Once user hits Save, there is an action to update the source via API, which works.

Ah ok… I thought it was coming from your database…

I believe Bubble caches data from an API data call on the page as a data source, so it won’t update in real time like data in the database would, even if the data changes.

You might want to try the solutions suggested here: Refresh RG displaying GET API Call after successful POST API Call to same data source - Need help / APIs - Bubble Forum

thanks, so created an Display repeating group action when clicking save and it worked. The main RG is updating. But now, the above filters are not working.

This is how my RG set up

Here what the action looks like. Data source is identical to the above, but filters are not working after I do the first edit.

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