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Page needs to be refreshed to get the changes

Have a repeating group whose value changes as by other user realtime, but in order to get that changes page is needed to be refreshed, checked logs and its at minimum.
Why data are not updated real-time ? also there is not a big workflow behind,


What is the Data Source of the RG? Is is a ‘Do a search for’ or a list via a state?

@Steve_S Yes it’s : do a search for

Can you provide more information about the query? Does the RG never change without a page refresh or does it work under some circumstances? Have you tried using a different browser and/or disabling browser extensions?


6/10 times it changes dynamically as intended but rest of time we need to refresh to see change.
Yes we did tried different browsers different desktops and smartphones but same issues.

If user A changes a value to 123 from 0 in bids Sheet, it is stored in the database while user B is also working on that same repeating group he should be seeing the change in realtime that the value has been changed to 123 but sometime it is shown but sometime we need to refresh.
All these value changes are stored in a different database and in the back and it is for search for users > Id of Bid sheet> get current value.

Any ‘Do every n seconds’ workflows on the page? Using any Plugins with your solution?

Sounds like the browser is losing the connection and so the background process isn’t poling Bubble anymore. I’ve noticed that a page which has been idle a long time (I don’t have an exact time) will no longer automatically refresh the data.

You could add a simple page workflow ‘Do every 5 seconds’ which just uses the ‘Go to page’. Bubble should then grab the latest data without the user seeing the page reload (it knows it is loading the same page so just forces a data refresh).

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Thanks will check it out,
In do every x second, instead of refreshing the page or reload the page can’t we put a action which don’t disturb user ?
Like Loading the page again takes few seconds to complete.

The “Go to page” command is smart in that it shouldn’t actually force the page to reload when on the same page which is calling it. It should just re-establish the connection to Bubble.

My page type is native app, it has many groups which hides and unhides on conditions and values from database, so let me check if it works

I am getting issue- that go to page should not be used in a native app Page !


Is the data becoming stale after putting the device to sleep or leave the app? Sounds like you need to do something to have the user refresh if this stale condition is met. Forcing the data to refresh every n seconds will probably not help as the connection is stale, so even that process would fail.

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