Register & Display business services

Hey guys,

I want to provide my listings with the option to create their price listings. So inside their page, there will be this table like where I display the Service Name, Service Description, Price and Currency.



Can you think of a better way to do this?
I mean I can’t know how many services the business will like to post, and I can’t limit them to a certain of fields.
I guess I could make a repeating group on the listing and show them all together, but how will the business be able to edit them, then? And how to record multiple entries?
I mean, if we are using something like WP, you will have a button to ADD a new row. Should that be it? If so, how can I create it so when the user presses the add a new row, it will add a new row, and expand the entire page/group to the new height?


L.E. I’m thinking that I can group one row and make a workflow that when the button is clicked… it will duplicate that group? But how to place it and how to make the containing group of this group and the page itself, taller? Also how to keep the button on bottom of the last group that appears each time?

I’m not sure I fully understand the question, but somewhere in there you seem to be asking if it is possible to have a repeating group that you can a) add entries to on the fly and b) edit items in. There is a similar discussion here, but I don’t know if it is similar enough to what you want to do.