How to put two lists in the same repeating group

Hi everyone.
I would like to find out a way of bringing two lists of from a thing into different lines in a group.

The first list get displayed down in list and the left shown in the below screenshot.
Then the list with the prices on the right is bringing them in however is displaying all the prices in every field.
I am displaying the service names with a workflow like this.
Then for the prices I am having to do this.

Would really appreciate any help.

Change your RG content type to User, and the Display List datasource to a search for Users.

Then in your first text just display the current cell’s User’s Service_Name, and in the second text display the current cell’s User’s Service_Price

When I do that it shows me this.

That’s not a repeating group…

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I am using the bubble essential kit.

And it says that it is a repeating group

hey @azina,
This group in the screenshot is a single row in your repeating group. That’s what Adam means.

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Sorry I am very confused about how to resolve this one

I may be wrong but it looks to me like you’re trying to display the list of services for the current user? (it says my rates on the top :woman_shrugging:) In that case:

But make sure that services are connected to the user in your data.

service name & price

If I’m wrong please share an editor link if you can and I can help you later today, no worries.

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