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I’m currently developing an app that I need to know when a customer selected a certain checkbox. At the end I’d like to know every day: “current date/time - date/time the checkbox was selected”.

Does anybody here can help me with that question? Thanks a lot!

Hi there, @luiz.o.rodrigues… assuming a customer is a user in your app. what you described could be as simple as having a field (date) on the User data type to store the date when the checkbox was checked (which you could do by using the An input’s value is changed workflow event). With the date stored in that field, you could easily show how many days have passed since the checkbox was checked by subtracting the date in the field from the current date/time and formatting the result as days.

Hope this helps.


Yep, @mikeloc suggestion is spot on, beat me to it! :+1:

Thanks for the quickly reply, @mikeloc

Just to make sure I understand. I have a repeating group with 11 options to selct. When the user select(check) onde of these I have to register (make changes to thing) the date in a data type. So in this case i should have 11 columns with date to separate each one? is that right?

Because sometimes the user selects an item in a different day and it is important to track each one separadely…

What is the repeating group displaying? Is it data from a data type that is associated with the current user? If so, can you just make changes to the specific thing for which the checkbox is being checked and store the date on that thing?

Exactly, I’m already making changes to a thing when I select an item of this RG.

So I should add 12 new columns in that type to track the time of each item I’ve selected?

I’m probably missing something here, but wouldn’t you only need one date field? If there are 12 things that are being displayed in the repeating group, then you would make changes to 1 of those 12 things, and you could store the date in a date field on that thing.

Sorry to not make it clear.


  • The user can select the item CVC today. 02/07. I have to track this date inpendently to know how many days of CVC I have.
  • The user can select the item VM tomorrow. 02/08. I have to track this date inpendently to know how many days of VM I have.
    And so on…
    Thats why I thought that I should have the columns for each item.

You can probably just go with 12 date fields, but out of curiosity, what is the data source of the repeating group?

Some hospitalar devices :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure what that means, but if they aren’t things in a data type that are associated with the current user, then you can either create a new custom data type to store the dates or just put 12 date fields on the User data type (or on whatever data type makes sense) and store the dates there.

Thanks, man.

I think in this case I have to track them individually.
The source is a data Type (Dispositivos) . WHen I select I make changes to another data type (Paciente) and register the name of the current cell’s Dispositivos from the RG to the Paciente’s thing.

What I’ve to control is how many day each Paciente is using each Dispositivo.

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When I tried to do everything we talked here in my app, I could not make it.

I’ll try to show you
This is the source of the RG:

Here is where I’m saving (making changes to thing) the name of selected “Dispositivo”

This is the Workflow to save the name:


Look that this field is a “List of Dispositovoses”, so when I select more than one “dispositivo” in the RG, I cannot separate the time of selection of each one individually even creating 12 new columns in the database.

Sorry again for the bad explanation and bad english here…Hope You can help me to find a solution

I’m really not sure that I understand what you are trying to do, but I’m guessing I wouldn’t save the selected items in a list. I would likely use a custom data type and create a new thing in that data type when an item is selected, and that will give you a thing that is associated with the current user and that has a created date so you know when the item was selected. If the same item is deselected, delete the associated thing in the custom data type.

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