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Checkboxes in Repeating Group

Hello! I have app with the enroll users to the course. My workflow implies that shows list of users in the repeating group and after clicked button Enroll should be created new thing in database with marked users. How I can do it?

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I think you’re looking for “current cell’s user” as the dynamic data piece, not “this checkbox is checked.” Bubble is expecting a User in that field, but you have specified a checkbox.

Thank you! But I can’t combine 2 workflows “Button Enroll to Course is clicked” with “Checkbox’s value is changed” in one.

You can! You can have the event “when button is clicked,” then use the field for And to include check box is checked. Right now, you’re doing an extra step for checking if the checkbox value has changed, I think you can probably get rid of that.

Event “when button is clicked” doesn’t show Checkbox

Event “Checkbox’s value is changed” doesn’t have state “is clicked” for “Button Enroll to Course”

You need to use a custom state here to hold the user list for this workflow. Because each checkbox’s value is only recognized inside of the repeating group; that’s why you’re not able to access it from the Button workflow outside of the RG.

So, when checkbox value is changed and this checkbox is checked > set state to (an element - any element that makes sense to you) > state type = user, list > value = element’s state : plus item current cell’s user.

This adds a user to the custom state list every time the checkbox is checked. Then, when Button Enroll is clicked, user add list element’s custom state - This assumes that your user field in Enroll is a list of users. If you’re creating a new enroll thing for every user, it’ll be much easier to just do it within the RG cell for each user. Something like “create new enroll > user = current cell’s user”

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Gaby, I’m creating Enroll for every selected Users but I can’t choose Current cell’s User in “Create new thing > Type = Enroll > User = Current cell’s User” because Bubble doesn’t show element “Current cell’s User”

Right, the button will need to be inside the cell for it to pick up the current cell’s user - otherwise, it has no idea which user to offer.

I know about this method. In fact workflow with checkboxs in repeating group and one button don’t work :frowning:

Well, it does if you use a custom state, but you’re wanting to create new Things (new Enrolls) off 1 button click, which is hard since the number of enrolls is dynamic and you can’t anticipate how many to create. You currently can’t create multiple things off 1 trigger where the number of things to create is unknown :frowning:

Another thought is to create the new enroll as soon as the checkbox is checked, but that could be a hasty move. I mean, you could check and create and if unchecked, delete… Then the button at the bottom would just take them to the next step.

Hello! How can I clean list of element’s state in RG?

Have a clear button that sets the state to blank.

I created a quiz using RG#1. Quiz has questions 3 types: single choice, 2 choices, 3 choices. Answers are RG#2 and included in the RG#1. RG#1 has 2 buttons: Save Answer and Skip. Save Answer puts selected answers in DB and shows next Question in RG#1. Skip shows next Question in RG#1 without saving answers in DB.

I use Set state for multi-choices answers. I should clear set list with selected answers after changeover to next question. If I use Refresh the Page I clear a set-list but the quiz starts first. Reset relevant input isn’t clear a set-list. How I can clear set-list without refresh the page?

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Set the state but leave the value blank. That clears whatever was there before. Is this what you mean?

Dear Gaby, not quite so. I need to reset a list Set state elements (selected Answers in my case) after saving Answers in the DB and before transition to the next Question (next page in the RG#1)

So when Save is clicked > make change to database: answers = state > set state: value = blank > show next question

This would save answers, then clear the state, and then you go go next question.

If this isn’t it, perhaps share your link?

I don’t understand where is I can set value = blank. Changing state isn’t available in the Make changes to a list of things.

There isn’t “blank”, “null”, “reset” in the Set state - value

I can add your account to my private app.

In your 2nd screenshot, where you’re looking for something, just don’t put anything in there. Literally leave it blank. See below:

Thank you! Everything turned out

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