Register user as seller - Bubble stripe plugin

Hey all,

I’m currently trying to register a user as a seller for a marketplace using the Bubble Stripe plugin. However I’m getting redirected to a new page with the following error:
Standard OAuth is disabled for this Stripe Connect integration. If you own this integration, you can enable the Standard OAuth flow in the Connect Settings page in your dashboard."

Here si a picture of my workflow:

Help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

you can enable the Standard OAuth flow in the Connect Settings page in your dashboard


@nocodeventure thank you for the answer. However, I am hoping to use Stripe Connect Express and I’m getting the same message, even when that is enabled.

Any idea how I can resolve this?

Yes, you can use my own Stripe Connect Express integration, sorry for the cheap advertising. But I believe this plugin will work for you.


IF you guys create a tutorial video detailing the usage of your plugin, I’d probably buy it.

There is a demo and doc available. You can also use Stripe’s official doc as its quite a huge library.

If you’re just starting out I’d suggest using Bubble’s official integration as thats easier to manage.

I got it. I’m using your demo and doc as resources. I need Connect Express, therefore Bubble’s plugin doesn’t work for me.

I would still rather a video.

This guy put together a short tutorial for setting up Zeroqode’s stripe marketplace plugin…Their customer service sucks when there’s a problem with a plugin which is why I got rid of it and I’m looking to integrate something else.

Just saying, videos can help more than docs sometimes. Plus, it can be a new income stream for you, or another way to promote your service via YouTube. many possibilities.

Thanks for making it though!

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll look into improving documentation, most probably with some videos going over the most commonly used features.

Don’t expect it from us anytime soon though as we’re fully booked for this quarter.