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Stripe Unable To Register Seller

Hello, I am having trouble registering sellers using Bubble’s Stripe API in test mode and I keep receiving this error pop up message:

Sorry, due to a technical error we are unable to register sellers at this time. Please try again later.

As I am building a marketplace Sellers are absolutely essential.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,


I know this is late but just had the same issue.

You probably need to add your Client ID into the plugin in Bubble. You can get this from Stripe Settings - Connect settings


Hey Simon, thanks for the reply.

I definitely added the Client ID and it still didn’t work back then. I managed to get it working now (I think) and think it was just bugged because I followed all the same steps as I did before.

Hey, guys, I’ve added Client ID and set up the redirect URL for Stripe Connect. I can access a form to connect Stripe account to my app’s creator Stripe if I am a user and want to register as a seller. But when I am another user who wants to buy the product of that user-seller, then I also get “Sorry, due to a technical error we are unable to register sellers at this time. Please try again later.”

Do you know where I am wrong?

Care to enlighten us on how you got it done? Would love to know.

Anyone got this working?

I’ve filled in all the test keys and ID but I still get the same message.

I’ve created a course for Stripe Integrations to help others get their Stripe API integration setup. You can checkout the forum showcase here

There are so many little issues that crop up during an integration like this that it is extremely helpful to have a course to guide you. The course comes with editor access so you could just skip the learning process and copy and paste everything into your app.

Thanks! Does the course covers onboarding of sellers and also handling payouts to them aswell? That is basically what I’m trying to achieve.

Yes it does. The course covers the method of using Stripe Connect and a Standard Account for the seller. So a seller that has an existing Stripe Account can be on-boarded and a seller that doesn’t have a Stripe account can be on-boarded which Stripe will create an account for them during the process.

After that the process for handling payouts is done when a user purchases a product or service through a Direct Charge. What this does is makes it so the sellers stripe account pays the stripe processing fees and your applications fee and the payment is made directly to their Stripe account, so you don’t need to worry about being liable for chargebacks or refunds or deal with setting up a payout. Stripe will handle it all automatically so that as soon as a checkout is complete, your app is paid and the seller is paid.

Course also covers creating a shopping cart so users can purchase multiple products at the same time.