Register User As Seller with Stripe stuck in "Please wait .." when press cancel


When using this functionality to Register the user as seller with Stripe, it works fine when the user “Authorize access to this account” but it doesn’t work when the user press “Cancel”, the user receives a message from Bubble saying “the user denied your request” and then he is stuck with a page “Please wait…” and nothing happens. (see screen shots)
How to fix this problem?


Thank you

Has anyone experienced this problem with Stripe?


Hi Bubble,

Are you aware that this function to register a seller is not working on your own page under My Bubble>My Plugins>Register Stripe Account?

The same thing happens. When the user press cancel he/she ends up being stuck on the “Please Wait” page.

Can you fix this problem?

Thank you


Which country are you in? I’m not sure Stripe supports connect in Sweeden

Connect is supported in Sweden with Stripe :slight_smile:

Does it work for you when you try to click on register with Stripe on your own page and press “cancel”


You’re right, if you click cancel you get stuck indeed, we’ll look into this.

Great! Thank you. I hope that will fix the problem on my App as welll that is having the same issue.

I can’t get the Stripe plugin to register a seller, across multiple apps. Please may this be looked into as part of your work with Stripe?


After clicking register as seller button on front end, user gets this

Hello, I am interested too in the solution,
I have the same issue since I use stripe, it gets stuck in waiting if the user cancel the seller registration.

Looks like it is working now. Try again :slight_smile:

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