Registering User as a Seller Hangs

Hi everyone,

When I run the 'Register User as a Seller step in Bubble’s Stripe plugin, the page hangs with the progress bar crawling across the screen, till the end and then hangs for ever. No Stripe page appears. No connected account is created in Stripe and no error appears in browser page - just hangs. I am based in UK - wonder if that is why this happens? Creating a Standard connect account should work here I gather.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

Try checking your browser console to check for errors. Make sure you have all your client id’s and such correct.

Thanks very much. The bug was the user’s address dynamically pulled from the database - which was failing to locate the user’s country, leading to the error. I changed that to map location based on advise from @romanmg (I guess you can also leave that empty) and it is working.