Registering and Displaying User's name

Hello, everyone.
I’m trying to make a page with log in and sign up system containing a input for the user’s name.

When you register, there would be an input called “Your Name”
And when user signs up, i want that name to be saved in database, and when the user tries to log in, i want him to enter the name which was typed in the “Your Name” input in the sign up area.
I also want the app to prevent log in, if the name was typed in incorrectly.

After that, when user logs in, he would be redirected to another page (already done), and on top right corner, there would be a group with the registered user’s name.

How do i bring this idea to life? A very detailed answer/solution would be perfect, as i am not very experienced with Bubble. I also tried looking at tutorials, but i wasn’t able to find one with something similar to my idea.

Hi @Chriss - I have a client with similar question so I created a prototype. I don’t have a redirect for when a user logs in successfully but it seems you’re familiar enough to know what to change in the workflow. Hope this helps.

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Hello, thanks for the reply.
Also thanks for providing an app with an example.
I wanted to ask, is there a way to prevent log in access if the username which was typed in is incorrect?

Disregard this message. Thank you for your assistance, have a great day.
Chris S.

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