Related Types in Database

Guys I’m trying to display various skills necessary for specific careers/job title.
Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 3.03.02 AM

Can’t figure out multiple things:

  1. How to have repeated group display different content from the database. What should be the actual command/formula?
  2. How to have Skills and Professions interconnected? I have connected them in the database but something seems to be wrong. Like when I add a skill I want to be able to assign a profession from a dropdown menu.
  3. How to display horizontal slider?


The following videos may spark some ideas about how to build your dB structure.

Then building your app’s UI and logic should become an easier endeavor :grinning:

@cmarchan Thanks for your response. That much I get it. But when it comes to implementation I can’t figure out some stuff. I’ll be posting little more details if I’m not able to do it within next couple of hours.