Relational Database Structure

Hey All,

I’ve been struggling with this question for a week or so, if anyone has any advice would be amazing…

My app has two key entities “Publisher” and “Article”. I want to create a new field for “Hashtag” which is linked to both.

Each “Article” would have multiple “Hashtags” assigned to it.

I also want to be able to link “Hashtags” to “Publishers” so I can do things like run counts on how many kinds of each hashtag each publisher has, and return a list of hashtags for the articles associated with each publisher.

I’m really struggling to think how to do this in Bubble efficiently though, any help would be great!

  1. Create new type “Hashtags”.
  2. Within “Publisher” and “Article” add field “Hashtags” with field type “Hashtags” and make the new field a list.
  3. Using workflow add Hashtag entries as needed.
  4. Use RGs to display the Hashtags and :count to express the count.
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@SerPounce Thanks for that, have managed to get it going with an API workflow. Just need to work out how to save a count of each hashtag to a table now!

I don’t believe it is necessary to save the count. Just use text elements as follows.



My structure is the same as yours where:
Publisher = Commentary Team
Articles = Commentators
Hashtags = Commentaries
So in the top example you could display the count of Articles per Publisher.
And in the second example you could display the count of hashtags per Article.

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