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How to structure Database?

Hello! I’m not sure how to structure my database. A new user would log in and go to a screen with 4 “click to upload” boxes. The user would upload 4 images (articles of clothes) and they would change these items over time.

I believe the User table would need “List of Clothes” in the User table, but I think the list would need to be already populated with ‘blanks’ so when the User uploads a photo, the workflow would be ‘make change’ to existing thing. I don’t know what the “Clothes” table needs to look like - would these simply be placeholders?

Thanks for your help!

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Hey @peachykeen0617 , when you create a work-flow you need to “set a field” for entry. As soon as you create a new field, it is added to the table - you can start with some basic fields and if you add a new one then it will be added to the table (however the previous entries will stay blank, until the user populates them).

Is that what you were asking?

The User Table can either have …

A List of Images (so type Image, tick the “list” box)


A List of Clothes (so create a Data Type called Clothes, add an image field, then add this to the User and tick the list box).

The first one is the simplest, but the second one would give you more flexibility to add some text, and sort by date.

I have added the data structure to the forum app.

Have a play and let us know ow you get on.


Thanks for the responses. I definitely think I need Nigel’s 2nd option, b/c I do want to incorporate date last worn. If you look at the link, I made some edits - see, I don’t know how to make a clothes table just for user JK (who has a sweater and shoes), which is completely independent of Jen’s (who has a pair of jeans) clothes table. Thanks for the help!

So you can just create the clothes table entry,

…and then add it to the user’s list.

I have added it to a simple screen here…

One thing to note about bubble is that every “thing” has a User. The “Created By”.

So here I have created the photo list for the “Current User”. Even if you are not logged in, Bubble assigns you a user.

Now your User has a list of Clothes, and you Clothes are assigned to a User.

You actually don’t need the list on the User (because of the Created By) but it does help sometimes if you want the list without having to do a search.


This is perfect!! You are wonderful! Thank you!!

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