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[RELEASED] Coursus: Advanced Online Courses and e-Learning

Coursus is very flexible and advanced template to create an e-Learning / online courses platform.

It supports 4 types of courses:

  • Free courses
  • Paid courses (pay once to access a course)
  • Premium courses: students can subscribe to have an unlimited access to premium (paid) courses
  • Paid or Premium: to access, students can pay once or have a subscription

You choose to use only one course type or mix different types on your platform!
This makes possible to create a SaaS platform (monthly subscriptions) or one-time payment courses (like Udemy) or even a free courses platform.

Some features:

  • Important pages: Front-end (home page, courses, pricing, about, FAQ…), Admin (dashboard, course management, logs etc), User account (my courses, my account, billing etc)
  • Mobile-ready design
  • Support of big and small e-learning platforms: intuitive search and filters
  • Integrated Stripe for payments: supports bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay…
  • Support of 3 video hosting providers: Vimeo, YouTube and Wistia
  • After a course is completed, the platform sends an email to encourage students to write a review
  • Collect emails: Subscribe to newsletter
  • 2 admin roles: full access and read-only
  • Easy to customize the main template color
  • Includes Cookie Consent plugin
  • Using slugs for user friendly urls and SEO
  • … and more!

Coming Soon:

  • Blog
  • Wish list / Course bookmarks
  • Multi currencies support
  • Private messages between students
  • Lesson comments
  • Advanced admin settings to easily customize the platform





Public Page: Online Learning Courses: Udemy Template | Bubble

Online Demo:
To test payments, use this test card:
4242 4242 4242 4242, any year and CVV


:books: We’ve added documentation page for this template:

:tada: Great news! We are giving 50% OFF for 5 persons to purchase our Coursus template! $99 only instead of $199! It’s great, isn’t it? :money_mouth_face: Post a comment in this tread and we will send you a discount coupon!


Hi! I’m interested in this template. Are you still offering a discount?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @onetypicalday ,

Thank you for your interest in our template!
I’ve just sent you the coupon in PM! :wink:

@BubbleSam Interested in the template as well.

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Hi @derek1 ,

I’m sending you the promo code in PM! :wink:

Hi! Wanna be the 5th person getting promocode) Thanx!

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Hi @vasilina.leushina ,
Awesome! Just sent you the promo code!

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Hi! I’m interested in this template. Are you still offering a discount?
Thanks :innocent:

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Hi @olgasb96 ,

Thank you for your interest in our template!
Unfortunately, we do not provide a discount for this template anymore …

We’ve just updated the template documentation :books: :books: :books: :

Hi ! Are you still updating this template ?

If so, i’d be interested in a discount too :grin:

Thank you for your interest in our template and welcome to the Bubble community! :slight_smile:

Sure, we are still supporting all our templates and plugins! Unfortunately, we have no more discounts. All five discounts were already used :slight_smile: