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New Course: Complete Bubble Developer Course


Hey, fellow Bubblers!

I recently created an online Udemy course (Complete Bubble Developer Course) teaching everything in Bubble from Beginner to Advanced. This course is brand new, so it covers all the latest features of Bubble. The course includes 10 hours of video content and over 100 video lectures. Over 3000 students have already enrolled and the early reviews have been great. This course sells for $200 at it’s usual price, but as an early promotion, I’m giving it away for 94% off. Click the link below to get life-time access to the course for 94% off:

Udemy Coupon | Complete Bubble Developer Course

In this course, we get hands-on and build several applications from scratch. Plus, as our main project, we will be building a clone of the Tinder dating app, explaining every detail, step-by-step while building the app.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Build fully functional web and mobile apps without coding completely on your own.
  • Create beautiful user interfaces and world-class user experiences.
  • Design elegant workflows, structure databases and integrate APIs.
  • Deploy your app to the world and launch your startup.

So, what makes me qualified to teach you? I am an award winning Udemy instructor (top 10% most engaging instructor of 2018). I am a qualified Systems Engineer, experienced Bubble developer and founder of an app company built on Bubble. I’ve incorporated everything I’ve learned in my years of engineering, developing and teaching to make this course not only more effective but more engaging.

This course includes:

  • Over 100 Lectures and 10 hours of on-demand video content.
  • 11 Interactive assignments.
  • 4 Projects.
  • 5 Quizzes.
  • 1 E-book.
  • 17 Articles.
  • And the best part… Templates!

As a bonus, I will give you the templates of all the apps we build completely free - including the Tinder clone app template. All the templates combined are valued at over $1000. You can use these templates and modify them to build your own unique applications.

To learn more about the course click the button below:



Thanks for sharing this. I’m currently in need of a good conceptual overview for creating a membership site. There seem to be a number of ways and places to check permissions and login status that I’m unclear as to how best to structure my application.

Does your course cover creating a membership site, using data roles, and handling payments?

Ok, so I read over the course contents, and it mentions payment gateways as one of the topics included, yet I see no actual videos about it. It also mentions “database structuring”, but I don’t see anything about that either. Are those topics to be added down the road, or am I missing something?

Hi Steve, it does indeed. The Tinder clone app (We Match) app covers permissions, user sign up, login status and data roles. You can see the appointment booking application (Click 'n Book) for handling payments with PayPal (videos are still to be added for this app but the editor is included under the Templates section). I provide you with links to the editors of all the apps we build so you can see exactly how it is all set up if you don’t have time to watch the videos.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for under the curriculum course titles, it’s very likely that it is just under a different name. Additionally, if you want a specific video, e.g. how to set up a specific payment gateway, you may request that it be added to the curriculum and I will make the video for you and add it to the course. I am constantly adding material to the course and improving it based on student feedback.

I also forgot to mention in this post that Udemy offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. So if you buy the course and don’t find what you need you can get all your money back in 30 days,

Great, and thanks very much for the prompt response!

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Dang. You’ve already made $600,000 off that course. :thinking: Impressive!

I just signed up and will get started in the next day or so. I noticed that you are guiding through a tinder type app but also saw unaddressed problems about that elsewhere in the forum. Got any insight into that?


Haha, I wish. Unfortunately Udemy discount all courses so it almost never sells for full price.


Thanks for joining the course. I hope it helps you achieve your goals! If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Q&A section of the course. I usually answer all questions within 24 hours.

I just had a look now and this is true. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll add my two cents into the comments of those threads.

highly recommended! this course helped me to understand more about bubble and discover so many things that i never knew bubble is capable of doing. the course is easy to understand and there tutorial and quiz to ensure you fully understand and remember whats been taught. the tinder-like app follow trough would further help you to understand on how to build the ux, make it responsive, using facebook to login, building a solid database structure and many more features to build.


oh and @leonidas.petrou4 is always there to help me whenever im stuck at building my app.


Thank you very much for the endorsement @acap

anytime @leonidas.petrou4

Hi Bubblers!

Thank you to everyone who has enrolled so far! And thank you for the 5 star reviews as well. For those who are still thinking about purchasing the course, you can view the preview videos of the course on the landing page:

Course Preview

If you like my course, please up-vote my course on Stakk. I’d really appreciate it.


Happy learning :slight_smile:

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I’m in the middle of the course and can happily add my endorsement to its thoroughness and clarity of Leonidas explanations of bubble’s features and abilities.

Other than some udemy nits and blurriness of a few of the videos, I’m very happy with the course.

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Hi Ken, thank you very much for the endorsement. I am happy you are finding value in the course!

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yes, very much!



BTW, just signed up on Stakk and wrote a review. I didn’t know that you were including the templates, woo hoo!

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I really do appreciate that. Thank you! And yes, many Bubble courses that I’ve seen don’t provide the templates. I’ve never understood why not, it is very handy to have access to the editors to see how the entire apps are set up. That is why I included them in this course. You can even copy-paste and modify the Tinder App and build your own unique matching application. A cool idea you can do is a Tinder for Entrepreneurship, to match technical cofounders with non-technical cofounders :joy: I think that can be pretty cool. I provide a few other ideas in the course.

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Yeah, that’s a real need, for some reason.

I did appreciate that you showed an alternative with group images in the first tinder video. I’ll look at the template, too, as I don’t think that the tinder approach works best for my application.



Indeed it is.

Are you perhaps referring to the video “Create your own Tinder Pile” about creating a custom Tinder pile using a repeating group instead of using the Tinder Pile plugin?