[Released] - Searchable Dropdown

Greetings Bubblers!

We’ve heard your requests loud and clear, and we’re thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the family: Searchable Dropdown plugin! It comes jam-packed with all the features you’ve come to love, and there’s a standout feature that’s bound to catch your eye :drum: adding items to your list!

Just like our other plugins, we’ve designed it to be incredibly versatile, allowing you to tailor it to your exact style preferences. You have the power to manage the states of selected items, personalize button icons, and even customize button labels. Plus, it’s equipped with RTL support and float settings for that extra touch of flexibility.

This plugin covers a range of states, including your default Bubble states (hover, focused, clicked), as well as the following dropdown states:

  1. When the dropdown is closed.
  2. When a dropdown item is clicked.
  3. When the dropdown is clicked away.
  4. When the dropdown “Add” button is clicked.

Here are the main features at a glance:

  • Enable search functionality.
  • Toggle the visibility of the radio button.
  • Choose to show or hide the “Add” button.
  • Control the display of the Add icon, and even upload your custom image.
  • Enjoy RTL (Right-to-Left) support.
  • Adjust the alignment of the dropdown box (left or right).
  • Fine-tune the margin of the dropdown box (top and left).
  • Utilize the float setting, allowing the parent ID to float above other elements.

Get ready to elevate your dropdown game with the Searchable Dropdown plugin making your user experience smoother and more customizable than ever before! :rocket:

link to demo:


plugin page: