Remember the email BUG

Today, after I logged in to my program, I found that it was a little different from before. Originally, I went back to check whether the user corresponding to the input email met certain conditions before the user logged in. Then I found that after using the “remember the email” option, the value in the input column of the email changed to [object object], which made it impossible for me to check it by using the mailbox in the input column, I need help



Thank you for posting on the forum.

In order for our team to help and be able to efficiently investigate this behavior, could you please submit a Bug Report? This will ensure that our bug investigation team is able to efficiently address your concerns.

When submitting your bug report, please do make sure that your report includes reproduction steps. These are steps that our team should be able to follow if we were pretending that we were a regular user of your application: “go to the index page (link included), press the login button, enter email into the field, push sign-in button” is a good example of step-by-step instructions. These are the best way for our team to track down what’s going on in your application, as this will allow us to investigate your app’s functionality step-by-step to see exactly what’s going on. For more details on submitting a bug report and making sure that our team has everything we need to troubleshoot, check out this quick tutorial video.

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