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Can I disable autocomplete on certain input fields?

I have a few search fields in Bubble where they autocomplete FROM bubble as you’re typing. The problem is that chrome keeps popping up its own autocomplete from previous searches over top which is annoying. Can I disable that at the field level?


create your own custom searchbox from input, repeating group, group focus.
autocomplete wont happen at all.
Or try implement some code from here: ,

any solution for this ?

I looked around but nothing seems to work for me…


I was able to turn this off using the toolbox plugin and on page load running some JavaScript.

Here is the code:

const inputs = document.querySelectorAll('input');

inputs.forEach(input => {
input.setAttribute('autocomplete', 'off')
input.setAttribute('autocorrect', 'off')
input.setAttribute('autocapitalize', 'on')
input.setAttribute('spellcheck', false)


Hope that helps! :blush:


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Hi Jason!

Thanks for your reply!
I tried it and unfortunately it seems to not to solve the problem :frowning:
I attach here a screenshot of what I see:

It’s very annoying because the suggestion is hiding the first result…


I just realized that it did it on all of the other fields except the address. So here is how I solved it.

I previously had the placeholder called ‘Address’. Then I deleted it, but that didn’t clear it out for some reason. I changed the placeholder to ‘other’ and that fixed it. So now it doesn’t show up for the address input as well.

Note: I make the placeholder white so it doesn’t show up either.

Weird fix, but it works. Hope that helps! :blush:

Wow, it worked!
Thanks :heart_eyes:

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Glad it helped. :blush::raised_hands: