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Remove some items from multiple lists

Sorry for multiple questions today.
I have a datatype named “ordered items” which contains “items” row which is a list of items. Now I’m displaying list of items using Repeating group from more than one “ordered items”. Here’s how I’m doing it -
Let’s imagine there are 2 “ordered items”.
Ordered items #1’s items contains A, B and C
Ordered items #2’s items contains D, E and F

Now I’m displaying all A, B, C, D, E and F in a page with checkbox for each item. when a checkbox is clicked, that particular item will be added to a custom state. For suppose user selects A, B and D items. I need to remove A and B from the list they’re present in which is Ordered items #1 and remove D from the list it is present in which is Ordered items #2. Is there a way that I can do this?




Thank you for your help @cmarchan.
But my case is little different. There will be 2 or more list items displayed in a single page and user will select items from different lists at the same time, I need to remove them from their respective lists. Hope you got it now


Consider focusing on the concepts of adding/substracting items to/from a list :grinning:

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