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Deleting a group of items from a repeating group

Hey guys,

I can’t seem to figure out how to delete group of items from a repeating group (that is grouped through the “:grouped by” function.

The repeating group:

Bubble error states that list to delete should be list of orders, although it is impossible to change the repeating group from “Grouping” to “Orders” since I used the groupedby function

Is there any way around this? To delete a group of orders from a repeating group?

Many thanks

Deleting a single grouping doesn’t work either as it states that it is not a savable item:

I’m sorry if I misunderstood your question.

Create a “grouping” (type grouping) in the data type of order and connect them.

After that
“do search for order (grouping =current cell’s grouping)”
I think it will work.

Hey @makara
No worries and thanks for the suggestion! The ‘Grouping’ isn’t actually a data type I created but bubble’s automatic data type when the :grouped by function is used.

For example:

Best regards,