Remove strange text that does not appear in element tree, but in <body style

I have some strange text ‘hidden’ inside my pages: '); as you can see from the browser screenshot.

My best guess is that it is a leftover of some previous style template or plugin, which was removed.

Anyway I can’t find it in the elements tree, but '); does appear in the <body style when inspecting the page.

Does anyone know how to acces this in Bubble and remove this text?

Thanks in advance

I can’t tell from your screen shot what hidden text you are referring to. That looks like the Chrome Inspector and the body tag of your site.

Hi William, thanks for the swift reply. I updated my question. In short, the following element is visible in the screenshot from my browser: ');
You also see it in the body style if I inspect the page in Chrome:

Hope this helps

Do you have any HTML elements on your page? Or any Run Javascript actions on page load?

Hi William,
I solved the issue. Your questions triggered it. I don’t have any HTML elements on my page nor any js actions, but I checked every plugin and certain Google plugins add HTML code to each page. By deactivating those the element dissapeared.

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