Text disappears -- although it's there. Probably b/c non English?

Some text elements just do not show their “text content” – but if I hover my mouse over the position of it, I can see Bubble recognizes a text there by showing a blue box. If I change the style of it from one to another a few times, it suddenly shows its content.

→ This is when a text element is not showing its content

→ If I change its style from Body to Caption, from Caption to Body Small, and finally from Body Small to Body, it suddenly appears as above.

But after a while, the text again stops showing its content, and I have to change the style again. This is really annoying.

My guess is that this problem looks associated with its content – This seems to happen when I enter or reference to Korean characters. I have no idea if this is really a case.

Any idea?

Hello @d.thkim,
You can try:

  1. Increasing the size of the text-box or reducing the size of the text by removing style.
  2. If the responsive engine of the page is ON, try turning it OFF and see if the issue still persists.

Wow. I’ve changed the size of the text-box and now I can see the text inside – Thank you!

That’s good to hear it worked for you :slight_smile: . You can mark it at as solution and close the thread.

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