Remove Tags from Things

Hello Bubbies!

I am once again submitting to your knowing hands a relatively simple problem, but one I can’t think my way out of.

I have created a functionality where certain tags can be added to users to help categorize them better. The tags can be added using the interface showing below.


When the text +Add Tag is clicked, a workflow is executed to add the tag to the user Things and the added item is displayed instantly under Tags. That part works beautifully!

Now, my problem is if I wanted to remove that added tag. What I’d like to accomplish is, when users hover over the tag, an X appears on one end that can be clicked to remove the tag from the list and the database.

What’s the best way to do this without a plugin? If there is no elegant way to do this without a plugin, is there a plugin you recommend?

Bubble has hover events now so you should be able to do that.

Hey Keith, that makes sense at a very high level, but how would you go about implementing hover events on list items that are not individually accessible through the bubble UI?