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[SOLVED] Problems with a list of tag to enter to database

Hi all,

I’m trying to create tags for projects. The process is simple:

  • I write the summary of a project
  • Then I can choose tag in a list
  • Then I submit the project and the tags I’ve chosen are put in the project’s table.

However, I don’t find the way to find the cells with a special custom state I’ve created…
For each text in the repeating group, there is a custom state named “active”.
When you click on the tag, the custom state becomes 1 (and green).
However, when I add the project, I can’t filter to have only the texts with the custom state equals to 1.

I’ve created a public bubble app for this:

Thanks for your help!

Nice toggling effect!

I had a look, in the create project workflow action you’re trying to find the custom state value of a repeating group’s cell, across all cells. This could get quite tricky!

Instead, could you build up in a custom state a list of selected tags? Then for the project you could do tags add [index’s chosen tags] .

The buttons to toggle the tag on and off can do an add or remove of the tag to build this up.

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Thanks @mishav !

I had some problems with the index custom state but then I found the right way to use your solution.

However, I still have one problem: I can add an element to the list (with plus: ), but I don’t find the way to remove an element from the list…is there a minus: function, or something like this ? For the moment, I’ve built an alternative to minus function but it’s not working properly…

Here is the new version of the script:

In the workflow action for set state, a way to make the list smaller is to use :filtered . To get the filter constraint to work you might need to choose Advanced. A suitable constraint is where the item in the list is not the same as in your cell.

It’s great you got adding to the list to work, I imagine you learned heaps in the process.


Great, thank you @mishav ;). You are right, the filter function was the one I needed.

Here is the working page of the app if someone needs this in the future:
and :

Good stuff @yvan!

A warning of not to overuse this method, it can crash the page: