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Remove the time from the date in repeating group task


I just cannot work out that even though my input is set to date (i don’t want the time as i want to show date only) the repeating group task shows the time as 12:00 for each day entry:

I am using the calendar to show the events that i create, but they all show as 12:00 am, whereas i would want them to show the whole day or 09:00 - 17:00 at least:

How can i turn the date/time in to date only for repeating group task (and cover the whole day)?

Thank you


Hi Paul,

For date formatting, use the " :formatted as" modifier right after the date in your text box - you’ll be able to custom format it without the time.

For calendar questions:

  1. To make an event “all day” you’ll need a yes/no field in the event data type. Just create a field, call it “all day” and make it yes/no. Then in the property editor, select this field in the “all day field” setting. When events have this field as Yes, then it will appear as all day and without time in the calendar.

  2. To give events specific start and end times, you’ll need to do a similar process as #1. Create a start field and an end field; they should be date types. Select those fields in the appropriate settings in property editor. The calendar will read these fields to know where to place them in those weekly/day views and properly label in month view.

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