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Removing a Parent and changing to Current Cell


This one may seem strange…

I had an existing repeating group (of users) which I copied and pasted into a popup on the page, made some UI changes, and then decided I didn’t want it in the popup, but on the page instead - so cut and pasted from the popup back to the page.

When I did so, the text and reference changed to ‘Parent group’s User’ as opposed to ‘Current Cell’s User’.

I also then created several other repeating groups, with different criteria, but only then noticed the fact they are all ‘Parent group’s User’.

I have a feeling that the text/data displayed will not be of the correct user for each repeating group - rather a single parent group? Is that right?

And if so, is there a way to simply change the parent group to current cell? I have done a load of new workflow’s referencing the relevant RG user for each RG, and I would hate to have to start over.

Any help most greatly appreciated.