User's differences

can someone explain the difference among: current user, parent group’s user and current cell’s user?

Current user is the user that is logged in to. their application. This is how you access things that belong to the user that is signed in and using your application. Patent group user sounds like you have an group element with a data type of user and are looking at how you would access the data from one of the group’s child elements. This is a little difficult to explain so I recommend checking out the tutorial on sending data to groups. I’m not sure where you are seeing current cell user, could you provide some more details on that?

for example I have a group type user, and a text inside that group and i have the expression: “parent group’s user”

the same with a repeating group the difference is that in the repeating group I have the next: “Current cell’s user”

That means the underlying thing is of type User. Each element has a parent or is the parent.

So when you have a group and you set the type of that group to ‘User’, anything that you will put inside that group can refer to the parent’ group’s User.

So for example, when you display a certain user inside a group, you can have al sorts of fields (input or text) that can refer to that user. In that way you can display: parent group user’s first name, parent group user’s last name etc.

is the same for repeating groups?

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A repeating group, if the type of “thing” is User, is going to have a list of users, one user per cell. So if you were to put a text element that said, “Current Cell’s User’s email,” each cell would have a different email address in it.

It will show current cell’s user. Meaning that the repeating group is of type User.

But if you put a group inside the repeating group (the first cell). Then anything inside that group will still be Parent group’s User. :wink:

I would say, just try and see what it does :slight_smile:

Is kind of confusing, but is more clear now, I got you guys, thanks vincent56, andrew_bpco and ryanellman