Delete User from Repeating Group with Popup

I am building an admin panel that has a function that allows the admin to delete a user.
I have a repeating group that lists all the current users in the DB. Each has a “Delete” Button by them. When the button is pressed, a popup appears and asks “Do you really want to delete user XYZ?”

How do I get the current cell’s user to load into the popup?

List of users



I have the display data passing Current Cell’s User to the Popup, but when I am trying to put like “User XYZ” on the popup, it doesn’t give me an option to use “Current Cell’s User’s Username” or anything.

You’re passing the data to the popup itself so you’ll need to reference the popup’s user’s username from the element you put in the popup. Make sense?

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Mmm nope ya lost me. The popup’s User? Isn’t that just current user? I don’t want that username, I need the username of the current cell’s user

Ah, I set the text to “Parent’s Group’s User’s Username” and that did the trick!

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