Removing domain


I’ve moved my app over to a custom domain. However, the bubbleapps domain still brings users the app which I don’t want.

Anyone have any idea how I get rid of the bubbleapps domain? :smiley:

Works here - maybe just a cache issue from your browser. What happens if you go incognito?

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Weird. I can still get onto the domain from incognito and other browsers.

I guess as long as nobody else can it’s no biggie though!

Thanks @simon7 :slight_smile:

Hey there @alexcooney5, please be aware that it may take a bit for your app to fully transfer into your custom domain. I had some people say it may take up to a day or so less, so don’t worry. :+1:

Hey @alexcooney5,

I hope you are doing well!

Have you clicked the checkbox that states, “Redirect all requests to the domain (instead of”

What this means is that if a user loads onto your domain it will automatically redirect them and bring them to the page where your domain is loaded.

Let me know if this helped or what the solution by liking/marking it as the solution!

Let me know if you have any questions or need more help!

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Thanks @johnny! That’s something very obvious I should have done but did not :slight_smile:

Unfortunately still no joy…is it possibly to do with the fact that I do not have Sendgrid setup? Would have thought that would be a different issue entirely…

Usually after you click that checkbox it takes up to 24 hours. If it doesn’t resolve yourself contact support at Contact | Bubble

Usually @eve answers

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All good now, thanks @johnny :slight_smile:

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