Removing People from a list using repeating groups

Hello Bubblers!
I am creating an app that has a functionality for which one user can select/deselect a group of other users and start a chat. So far, I have managed to use a custom state to create the group and allow the user to add people to the same group, however the deselection part isn’t working.

Thanks in advance for your help :smiley: i really appreciate it!

Below images of the way I am using the custom state to do it:
Creating the first list

Adding people with check-boxes
Removing People using check-boxes
RemovingPeople|690x449 !
Changing the list

I looked through you screen shots and don’t see anything done for deselection.

If you are using an icon or something like that, then you need to add a workflow just like the one you have for the adding people, but instead of using :plus item you will use :minus item and remove the conditional on the workflow.

I would just copy the workflow existing for add, and change the :plus item to :minus item by selecting it and changing it, the part of the expression following will stay the same, and delete the conditional and you should be good.

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I think this tutorial bY @romanmg shows exactly what you need:

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Hi Boston85719!

Thanks so much for your reply. I do have the :minus workflow pic below. I have heard back from bubble support and apparently the problem is in the fact i use add list to regenerate with the new selection and this does not remove it only adds.

I now trying to either reset the list once a change is done or on create a custom state for the removed users and then subtract that whole list.

Once I have a full working solution I will update the thread for whoever might be interested in the future.

Thanks! :smiley:

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Hi Simon7,

Thanks so much for your answer! :smiley:
That tutorial is great and that is exactly where I got the procedure from - I will look at it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything - but I think my problem is afterwards (see my answer to boston).

Your welcome. Basically you need to use filtered instead of :minus :blush:
At around 8 minutes into the tutorial you can see how roman sets it up, took a screenshot as well. Please let us know if you can get it to work :+1:


I highly recommend the tutorials by Gaby…I have learned so much from them…however, do keep in mind that bubble is developing as we use it. That particular tutorial is over two years old, which doesn’t make it bad in anyway, however watching closely and listening helps you to understand how bubble has and does listen to its users feedback to improve the platform.

At around minute 7 when Gaby begins to show the set up for how to remove the person from the list, she makes the comment that it would be a lot easier if there was just minus item but there isn’t so she was forced to filter the users out. Luckily, again, bubble listened, and they improved the platform adding the minus function.

I think after looking at your workflow screen shots you had the set up incorrect based on the conditionals you were using to trigger the workflow events, causing the minus action not to work properly.

Check out this editor to see how to set it up properly using the minus item function…this makes it so much easier, especially when copying functionality etc.

Also take a look at the conditional on the button for changing text, in case you haven’t figured it out it is a way to reduce the amount of buttons or check boxes.

I personally don’t use check box, I use the icon check box and change the icon on a conditional to show it as check or not.

I put a check box as an icon and a button for remove and add functions to showcase the difference for using conditionals on either.

Hope this will help you.

I’ve just been trying to crack this. Checking the checkbox would do plus or minus, unchecking wouldn’t execute at all, so it seems to me the checkbox is the problem.

In the end, I followed boston85719 and used an icon - took just a few mins and all working. Thanks!