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Removing A Thing From A Custom State List Possible?

I have a custom state on a group that is a list of things.

I see ‘plus item’ which allows me to add to the custom state list of things but i don’t see a ‘minus item’ or ‘remove item’ so that i can remove the item from a list of things when a Checkbox is changed to unhecked… how do i manage this one?

The best solution I have found is to set the state to the same list as the current state, and use :filtered to remove the current thing from the list.

I’d be interested if anybody has a more elegant solution.

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I tried this but can’t seem to have it remove the item. It still shows as inside the list of state things.

Am i constraining this right? By unique ID of the item which i’m trying to remove?

Your filter needs to remove the thing. It should say something like “This thing’s ID is NOT current cell’s thing.”

Almost there… unique id <> Parent group Private Jet’s unique ID


It does become painful a lot of time to go the workaround route. Would be really helpful to have a :minus item function just like :plus item


I have a more tricky version of this - how do you change the value of one item in the list when it is a list of texts? Say you want to change item number 3 in a list of 5 items.


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