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How to pass spaces in url

When I create a new entry for a table I like to use an text field to create the url of a new site. For this i use: formatted as URL. Than I choose the option to replace spaces with + (I would prefer underscores but this would just be a nice to have).

But when I create the new entry, there is this going on:

Instead of the “+”, I got “%2B” filled in. How can I solve this and get the url “Neuster_Eintrag20170403” instead?

Thanks for your help.

Like the space character, the ‘+’ character will be translated into an HTML character code, namely “%2B”.

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It doesn’t work. I currently have a listing with the url: Neuster%2BEintrag20170403. I like to refference it. If I do a search for it, I just can use the dynamic site /Neuster%2BEintrag20170403

Actually I expect that the following url would also work:

But this is not the case. Is there a workarround to get this, (or with underscores instead of plus) working?

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