URL with parameters that have spaces doesnt work

I have a signup link that is emailed to a user with parameters that can save them input. The issue is that one of the parameters is phone number that generally has spaces and the resultant url link is broken see screen shots.

Can anybody suggest workaround?


and result is

Hey @eric.schwantler. URL strings cannot contain spaces, so it is best to URL encode values which prepares data for use in a url. For text values, you can use the :format as modifier and choose URL Encoded.

Sample below (not using your specifics):

ok, thx

As well, if you decide not to use spaces (encoded in the URL) but want the phone number to have formatting resembling a phone number, you can use the :formatted as US phone to display it in a phone number friendly format.

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That’s definitely better for this case!

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except Australian phone number is different format to US :frowning:

updated my app, the url formatting worked a treat, thx @mebeingken

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Agreed, I think it’d be a nice low-hanging feature improvement for the @bubble team to extend the built-in formatting function to other formats aside from US.

Perhaps something following E.164 formatting?

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Localization is on our list and we will certainly consider international phone number formats as part of that.


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