Removing Templates That Don't Exist From Drop Down

Hello Bubble Community

Does anyone know how this can happen? and how to remove them?

@i.naseem.in24 Check if you have this templates in or ones you purchased. If it’s not there but showing in the dropdown, please submit a bug report

Hi Neerja

Its not in but if I go to;

My Apps > New App > Create A New App. If I Select From the Drop Down ‘Start from a template (optional)’

These two are not templates and get the following message and one is just a blank template as in has no pages or nothing in it, so confused really

Trying to create an app from a template that does not exist (Roduhkt) and also (Produhkt)

How shall I get this resolved?


@i.naseem.in24 We are investigating this issue and will update this thread

templates i have removed still appear in the dropdown.

@anon65040322 We have confirmed this issue and will update once fix is live

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The fix is live now.

Thanks @neerja saw my templates cleared up