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Reoccurring Workflow Once a day

Hi there,

I have a need to run a workflow once a day but I see that with the built in bubble workflow schedule that its monthly (currently on my free trial) however to get daily you must go up to team. I was wondering if it would be against TOS or something if I was to setup a cronjob on a linux system to poll the API once a day to kick off the job I need to run.

Basically the job is to search through and find expired records and delete essentially.


Kind Regards


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I believe it’s not against TOS, especially since others have shared how they accomplished something similar with Zapier.

The silliest thing to do is create 32 apps. One main, 31 to query/delete.

Zapier or CRON would work. Can’t believe it is against the TOS.

Actually I think a “no code” version of some of the online CRON job managers would be really useful.


Yeah I was actually thinking about making a bubble app to control the cron timings as well and translate that into crontab format that would update the web API that I would have running on the Linux server (more as a test however I guess the principal could become useful for other bubblers). I’ll give it a little whirl and then make a post about just so people can see how im doing it.

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Reliable Cron Job service with an easy-to-use WebCron interface like which will load a specific URL at a given time.

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