Running a workflow on a list - but only durring certain times every day

So - I’ve posted a lot lately, and got some great feedback, thanks everyone.

Nothing has quite hit the nail on the head, and/or been inside of my scope of understanding.

Is it simply possible, to run a workflow on a list of items, ONLY during M-F 11am-2PM… for example? Then, have the workflow pick up where it left off, the following valid day?

If so, how?

Will your workflow start to run at 11am and repeat at a frequency until 2pm, or will it run just once during the period each day? Either way, you should be able to schedule a recurring workflow but set a condition to only run if the day of the week is not Sat or Sun. I believe daily recurring workflows work only on one of the top tier plans though. An alternative is to schedule an API call to your Bubble app in Zapier or one of the many Cron schedulers. Search the forums for how to do this.