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Hey everyone,

I am trying to list a set of skills in a repeater group as separate items but at the moment it keeps coming up as a list and I cant figure it out. The Image hopefully explains better what I mean - does anyone know what to do?

Can imagine it’s fairly straight forward but I’m one week into using bubble so still learning haha!

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There’s not a lot of info to go on here…

But you’re obviously referring to a list of skills inside the RG cell - which is why you’re seeing what you’re seeing.

I don’t know the data source of your RG, or the text element inside the cell…

But the text element should simply refer to the current cell’s Skill (not a list of skills, which is what it must currently be referring to).

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Thanks for the feedback Adam.

The data source has multiple entries - so I am guessing thats why it’s coming out as a list but I am trying to display each entry as a separate item within different RG’s.

The data source has multiple entries

The data source of what?

The RG MUST have a list as a data source (that’s what RGs are for, displaying lists)…

But a text element inside an RG cell usually should just refer to a single item, that being the current cells thing (unless you specifically want to display a list inside each cell).

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Repeating group is for displaying multiple items, just like a table. If you need to display one entry per RG then using a repeating group would be pointless.

I think what you are after is a repeating group with each cell holding 1 entry. If that’s the case then as @adamhholmes said, the data source of RG has to be the list of entries, and any group/element within the RG Cell has to have the data source “Current Cell’s XYZ”… where XYZ is the data type of your RG.

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Okay I see - that makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much both for your help - really appreciate you taking the time!


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