How to display each item in the list in a separate line of a repeating group?

Hi all. Can you tell me how I can display the contents of a list from a database in a repeating group? Right now I have all the contents of the list displayed in one line. I need each individual item, to be displayed on a separate line. Thank you


If you load a list into a RG it will hold 1 item per cell (line)… that’s what they do. To display data about that thing, just refer to the current cell’s thing.

If you’re seeing more than one ‘thing’ in an element inside the RG cell, then you’re obviously not referring to the data inside that cell, but some other datasource, which is obviously a list (which depending on what you’re trying to do may or may not make any sense).

What is the data source of your text element?

Thank you for your reply. I am searching by type for a certain data type and two fields

Ah ok… I see… I misunderstood your original question…

You can use :format as text on your text element datasource, with a line break as the delimiter, to display each time on a separate line.

It’s work but it not exactly what I try to reach. I need to display each element in separate line bacause I need to have an oppotunity to edit or delete this element from list. Is there any way to divide them by cells, so that you can specify that it is necessary to remove the element from the current cell?

You could use another (nested) repeating group, instead of a text element.

It didn’t work. I made a repeating group, specified the data source. In that group, I made another one with the text type and also specified the data source. However, all of the entries in the list are still displayed on one line.


nested repeating group

I think you need to take a look at your database structure here… something seems to be wrong.

What is the ‘List of times’ on the Times datatype?

I have a list of time slots for each of the dates. These slots are written in the time list field with the type text. I need to be able to delete or edit these time slots, so they need to be in separate cells.

Are the ‘list of times’ entries definitely a list of texts, and not just a single text? (it’s impossible to tell just from the screenshot)

I could be wrong, but it looks like one text, right?


Yes, exactly… so that’s the issue…

This is odd, because I take this data to write from the custom state, which is a list. Why is everything written to the database in one text?

Add to custom state

Add to database

You’re adding a single thing instead of a list

Use ‘Add List’ instead of ‘Add’

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Thank you so much!

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