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Repeating Group By Date Minus Time?

Hey Everyone,

I’m just wondering if there’s an easier way to limit a repeating groups data by date and not factor in time?

For Example, I have a Thing (Company Master) that houses a date. All transactions are based on that date. By the end of the day if I wanted to display a list of transactions on today it doesn’t work because technically my date is 10/14/2020:12:00AM.

So I have a repeating group that looks Thing (Transactions),
If I add a condition of Date = Current Users’Companys’CompanyDate Formatted As 10/14/2020, it doesn’t work because it’s trying to read text in a date field.

What’s the easiest way to go about this?

If you’re saying your reference date is today (which, in Bubble, would be Current date/time with hours, minutes, and seconds set to zero), then can’t you just filter transactions where the transaction date is >= (greater than or equal) to today?

And if the reference date is an arbitrary date - i.e. not “today” - then you can just specify both date bounds…

transaction date >= ref date with hours, minutes, and seconds set to zero


transaction date < ref date plus 1 day


Yep that worked, Another case of overthinking it. Thanks!

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