Repeating group cells for our social platform feed stops loading content at the last cell and starts to cut off/overlaps the rest of cells instead of loading more in a list so users can't see more..... (solved)

Essentially, the repeating group loads items well the first 2-3 times. Then, for some reason it stops loading a new list of posts downward and just starts overlapping all new posts on the last cell.

So more specifically here’s what happens:

Imagine you’re scrolling through any social network feed.

You scroll down, get to the “bottom” of page (end of repeating group loaded items), so the repeating group loads more posts and you can go further downward. Simple enough. You get to the bottom once, it loads more. You do it again a second time. It loads more. But the third time, it doesn’t load a bunch of posts again as it did, rather it loads just 1 more post.

After this, you try to go down again and can’t scroll down anymore (as if the page fully ended there and there was no more content to see) BUT there’s still posts to be loaded! So now, each time you try to scroll down to load more posts, only the last post changes to show a new post, as many times as you keep scrolling “down”. It will not expand out a brand new list of posts like it did the first 2 times. I changed page size and noticed for some reason posts are overlapping like this when you get to that point:

Captura de pantalla 2023-06-12 115948

Anyone care to help please? I’m very confused. I have seriously no clue what’s happening. I want to provide a reliable experience for my users so I would really appreciate any help. This feels out of my control for some reason. I really don’t want users to get disappointed when this happens. Please help. :frowning: Also anything to try I will happily try out. Anyone?


Did you make sure you didn’t have any maximum height rules on either the page or any of the groups / RGs being displayed?

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I checked and unfortunately I don’t think this is it… but thank you for your input.

Here is my editor if you care to see: Trialwhoknowswhat | Bubble Editor

You can just type in to search “RG Post: Home feed” and that’s the one with the issues. I have 1 group for each type of post (text post, video post, image post). Nothing has a max height though, or width. If I take off the “fit to height” nothing shows at all, so I keep it on. I am so lost here. It’s a bummer because it’s holding everything back for everyone :frowning:

I also noticed as I shrink and enlarge the page the second to last cell will hide in and out behind the “last” cell.

The behavior in action, cells peaking “out” of the last cell as the page is enlarged, inversely they go “in” when the page is shrunk:

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I took a quick look… and I can’t replicate the issue (although I’ve got no idea where I’m supposed to be looking to see it).

Maybe share some more info about where this is happening, an how to reproduce it if you want someone to shed some light on the issue.


Hello thanks for checking it out. Means a lot. If you preview the page to see the actual app in action, you can go to where it says “Comunidad” on the left of our page in our left navigation menu and it will take you to our social feed. If you scroll down and down you eventually won’t be able to, that’s where it happens. When it happens, you can shrink or enlarge the page and you will see it. Sorry, maybe I’m not the best at explaining always.

I signed up for an account so I could see what’s going on - it says the account is waiting to be approved.

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Thank you so much for caring. I accepted you. I truly appreciate your time.

So based on the ‘All Posts’ database in your editor, this is the last post, and it’s loading all the way up to this point so I think I’m not seeing an issue on my end either:

One thing I did notice that may pertain to:

is that any of the photos in these posts are loading as a background image, which is why resizing the page affects how the image is displayed, crops it, centers it, etc. Not sure if that’s the behavior you were trying for but I believe that’s why it acts that way.

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Yes. It might look as if it ended but there is far more posts I’m not seeing show up. It’s also not really photos just resizing, you can see with text posts for example the way the cells overlap and roll out from under the “last” image. I just caught a better glimpse of it if it helps:

  1. As I shrink the page, this text post will hide under the space image. Each is meant to be its own cell and display full content.

  1. Here you can see it stars to overlap under the image post cell, which is the “last” post showing up.

  1. Here you can see it’s practically invisible now, from simply resizing the page. Now the next post that came before it is also underway to overlapping as well and getting hidden under the space image. I assume there is a lot of overlapped hidden cells in the same way as they load, rather than all stretching the page vertically they just overlap under the last post.

Captura de pantalla 2023-06-12 115948

  1. Here you can see a little glimpse of the overlapping at the very bottom, you can see the heart and comment icons from a different cell just very slightly. It’s one cell on top of the other.

Thank you for taking the time to check it out, I really truly appreciate it. I’m trying to polish everything up for our launch in 2 weeks and really only found out about this when some of my users complained their posts weren’t showing up.

On my end, this is the first (and therefore last) post listed in your database:

Which is exactly what is showing up as the final post for me as soon in my screenshot above.

Here is that post as the very first post in your table:

Are you seeing the same results if you load it in a new browser, incognito, and/or clearing browser cache? Have you tried any other computers to see if you’re seeing the same results there?

I’m going through your editor now, you have quite a few groups called ‘Group Post’ which look very similar - which one is being used to generate the view I see when I click on “Comunidad”?

I am wondering if checking this box would help you out:

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Thanks for checking it out msgiblin and helping investigate, I held off responding to you so we didn’t go in circles while I got more context. If you (or anyone else is curious)…

I ultimately spoke to bubble support and essentially it looks like this was simply a limitation issue. I was recommended to add page navigation between the repeating group to avoid it happening but frankly that would destroy our user experience for our use case so instead I’m opting to advise users from using the browser this happens in if they enter using it (firefox mozilla, which unfortunately happens to be my main browser). Other browsers like safari, google, microsoft edge, and brave don’t share the same issue.

My fix was just when users enter our app and I detect their browser is firefox, I advise them to use another browser for best experience.

I guess not what I was hoping but at least works on most browsers. Thanks for your time regardless msgiblin. Looks like this was the final fix.

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That is an incredible discovery and I appreciative you giving the solution you discovered! Do you think you could create a hidden group or pop-up that activates when Firefox is used asking users to use a different browser?

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Yup, indeed that is what I did. I implemented a plugin that detects the browser the user enters from, and when it returns Firefox to me, that’s when I display the popup asking to use another browser. It’s a shame but it is what it is!

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