Repeating group loading more data while scrolling

As i posted a few days ago, i have a problem using a repeating group and an API. My API returns a lot of data, the data loads fine, but each cell in repeating group has an image and, because my API loads all data once, if i took a look to dev console, i can see all images loading at same time, making it’s slower. Other problem is if the user changes the search value, the API will be loaded again, the new data will shows fine, but, again, the images will be loaded all the same time, and, even worse, most of them will wait the previous images to load. (If anyone has a idea to stop the old images from loading will be great)
My idea to fix it:
I build the API, so i can do load 20 items each time, it’s fine. But, my problem is, how can i set in repeating group to, when i scroll down, call the API again and load more data? I don’t tried it, but i think i can do with pagination, and when i go to a new page of repeating group, call the API and loads more data, but i really want to do scrolling method.

just making sure you don’t have this checked?

yeah, it’s unchecked, so will load data only when i scroll right? But, i still have the images issue i told, all images that should appear will be loaded at same time, if user only do one search will work fine, but if user change the search value the images will load again (and until the new images don’t show up, the old images keeps there)

WU consumption aside have a hidden RG with all data and use the search to filter that into the displayed RG.

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