Repeating Group Column 3 off by a pixel

I’m trying to align a pattern using a repeating group, but for some reason there’s an extra spacing in the third column thats only a pixel high, but really throws off my kind of design. Does anyone know any solutions to this?


If it works with your design, try setting the “separator” style to “None” instead of “Dashed”

I realize that that isn’t a dashed line, but it may be that these may be pushing up against each other in an odd way. Plus, since you have no width to it, there’s no need for “Dashed”

As well, it looks like you’re setting a negative X value for the image repeating group. That may be part of the issue.

To double check, are you sure the image file itself isn’t what has the issue (ie. that it has the black lines or that the height isn’t slightly different than the rest of the images? It seems curious it would only happen in that specific area of the repeating group.

Good idea, but that pixel difference is still there. I’ve tried adding more columns and even with 5, its showing on the last one still. I’ve tried multiple different images, but still there in any case.

If you’d like me to take a look, feel free to PM a link to your editor. Hard to provide any additional guidance based on what you’ve shared.

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