Repeating Group conditional - fixed rows

hey, i need some help

I have a repeating group where users can add items to, it has no fixed rows(min height 50 px).

My app is set up as a subscription(with multiple “levels”). For 1 of the levels the user can upload 50 items to the repeating group, and the other they can upload 100 items.

How would i go about limiting this for the user? I have tried conditionals (if users subscription is x then row = 50 - for example), but when i make the rows fixed with 50 or 100 items, the repeating group looks totally screwed up

How to do this?


When it comes to restricting how many entries there are, you’ll need to do this on the data source.

You can create a condition that recognises what subscription tier someone has, within this condition, perform your search in the data source as per usual, but then use the ‘items until #’ expression.

For example, you could select the RG to display items until #50.

Hope this helps


Good thoughts @lachlankirkwood1 !

It really comes down to how the data is structured and how you are having users add items to the RG. If it’s as simple as the RG displaying a list of things on type User, you could have the add to button setup conditionally that if the list they are adding to is ≥50, don’t allow the action to continue or grey out the button / trigger a popup message that reads ‘You have reached the maximum of 50 items for this list, either remove items or click here to increase your account’ (with a link to upgrade their subscription to the next tier)

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